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  • Polishing Steel

    Polishing Steel

    Brother Dell found the bucking bars of nearly 20 years ago.  Very rusty, in a barn in Iowa.  Arrived today.  Put the one shown below on the left in the sand blaster and it looked o.k. Used the sandblaster for the others and then worked with the Scotchbrite wheel for an hour and they look […]

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  • Solar Heat for the Man Cave

    Solar Heat for the Man Cave

    Spent last year making a solar collector, done with around 300 aluminum soda cans at a very low cost, and finally connected it to the hanger yesterday. Input temp, yesterday afternoon was around 80… output exceeded the 157 degree limit.  Hooked it into a conduit system in the hanger, ran it for about 25 feet to […]

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  • Two Months

    Two Months

    Just finished a two month project getting the shop into a more comfortable configuration.  Installed an A/C unit that wasn’t quite powerful enough for the entire hanger.  Decided to wall in the work area, install a sliding curtain, and ensure it was a small enough volume for the A/C unit.  As my wife says, now […]

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  • One More Accessory

    One More Accessory

    Saw a video where a guy put together an A-frame similar to this.  4×4 and 2×4 and plywood makes for a great rolling stand.  Plans are simply hung at the top of the plywood.  Parts drawers are attached to both ends, plenty of storage beneath and behind as well.

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  • Getting Started 1

    Getting Started 1

    Followed recommendations I viewed online and sorted the hardware early. Aluminum parts come covered with a blue plastic to prevent scratching. Two boxes of parts, hours of work ahead. Pretty well organized, plenty of bench space and looking forward to getting started.

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