Rudder and Priming Booth Upgrade

Fourteen hours over a couple weeks.  Worked the rudder web, per directions, had to order a new part to redo holes for sufficient edge clearance.  Took my time, long slow process and the temps have been up to and over 100 degrees for much of the past couple weeks limiting workable time in the hanger.

Nephew, Bobbie Paschall, helped me upgrade the priming booth.  It just wasn’t a high enough airflow to really clear out all the fumes.  Built a vertical stack that seems to have done the trick.

Web and skin is ready to go, ordered some RTV rubber sealant that will be dabbed into the trailing edge and cover the closest gap of the rudder stiffners.  This absorbs/stiffens the trailing edge to avoid cracking down the road.  When RTV arrives, hopefully by the weekend, will finish putting the rudder together and pull out the final parts of the empennage kit, the elevators.  The rudder took a lot longer than I expected.

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